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Your first chance not to read the World's Worst Joke

It has been noted that you have clicked on the link marked 'The world's worst joke.' This safety warning appears here to discourage such activity, particularly as you may have done so inadvertantly. If you clicked on the link by accident then please hit your back back button or any of the other links to the left. If you wish to be foolhardy and continue in your quest to inflict the world's worst joke upon yourself then continue...

What appears below is not the world's worst joke. It is an average medicore joke that is intended to ease you into the world's worst joke. Please make sure you read the joke below in full at least twice before continuing. Reading the world's worst joke in full with no preparation can be extremely dangerous.

A medicore preparation joke
I was doing some experiments in the laboratory the other day.

I dipped a gazelle in some Nitric acid - it melted but nothing too exciting happened.

I sprinkled shrimps into Sulphur - they got burnt slightly, but it wasn't that spectacular.

I then dropped a Panda into some Ammonia - suddenly, there was pandemonium everywhere!

I am ready to continue...